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Picture of Lee (Lilo) Weissman

Hi! :)

My name is Lee, and i'm a graphic designer.

I have an ANIMATION AND POSTPRODUCTION diploma, and a VISUAL ART AND GRAPHIC DESIGN diploma, all from "Hasifa" - The Communication, Television and Multimedia School of the Open University.

I have a COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT diploma from the "Elevation Academy" based in Tel Aviv.
I'm a "Wix" certified ACCESSIBILITY EXPERT.

And a DIGITAL MARKETING Certification from "Google".
I also have a STORYTELLING & IDEAS COMMUNICATION certification from "Openclassrooms".


Specialized in Presentation (PPT's) design, conferences design and social media design with over 12 years of experience of design from Illustrations to logos, Infographics, and branding..


Oh, and.. I also knit and crochet art exhibitions in Tel Aviv.. Some people call me "The tree hacker" so if you came across a tree with a sweater on it - most likely it was me ;)

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